Upholstery Cleaning

You need professional upholstery cleaning from Pro-Fresh N’ All whether you own a set of humble furniture you bought at a discount warehouse, or your home is filled with beautiful designer pieces. Just like the other features in your home, the furniture you use every day gets dirty over time, and it can hold onto dirt and allergens despite your efforts to keep it vacuumed and cleaned.

Our affordable upholstery cleaning services in Dallas, TX are just one of the ways we can help you keep your home clean and free of allergens, as well as keep the features in your home looking better longer.

The Upholstery Cleaning Process from Pro-Fresh N’ All

We know each client is different and has different needs. We’re experts in upholstery cleaning, and there isn’t a textile or surface we haven’t cleaned.

Here are a few of the common furniture types we clean during our professional upholstery cleaning appointments:

  • Chairs
  • Chase
  • Dining chairs
  • Loveseat
  • Ottoman
  • Recliner
  • Sectionals
  • Sofa

If you have a piece of furniture with upholstery on it, that furniture is getting dirty right now! Even if no one is sitting on the furniture at this moment, it’s still gathering dust and debris as people walk by or brush by it. Our upholstery cleaning in Dallas helps you keep your furniture in great condition.

You might wonder how we charge for our carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Your upholstery cleaning cost will depend on how many pieces of furniture you need to be cleaned, as well as whether we’ll also be taking care of your carpets. We do have a $69.99 minimum charge when we come solely to clean your upholstery.

We encourage you to think about an appointment that features carpet cleaning, too, because it’s helpful to remove allergens and dirt from the carpets at the same time you get the upholstery cleaned. Remember that advice about dusting where you dust the top shelves and work your way down, so you don’t spread dust everywhere while working your way up?

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The same holds true for your furniture. Make an appointment to have your upholstery and carpets cleaned on the same visit. It might even be worth it to get all the linens in your home cleaned around the same time, too. You might think of the project as a once or twice yearly way to get rid of all the dust, pollen, and dirt buildup from the past year.

Why Should I Get My Upholstery Cleaned?

When you clean your home, you might not think too much about the upholstery. A quick visit with the vacuum or dust-vac is often all the attention the average homeowner gives to his or her furniture. However, the upholstery on your furniture will collect dust and debris over time, and even if you vacuum those surfaces, those contaminants will remain and start to harm your furniture.

Here are a few of the reasons why our upholstery cleaning services are a great deal:

  • Your furniture will look nicer longer, and you won’t have to replace it.
  • The upholstery will be safe for kids and pets to sit on and enjoy.
  • Your home’s furniture will be stain-free and ready for company.

Just the thought of sitting on freshly cleaned furniture should inspire you to make a carpet and upholstery cleaning appointment with Pro-Fresh N’ All. Just like it’s always a comfortable night when you get into bed with freshly cleaned sheets, it’s relaxing to sit on your furniture for movie night, knowing that the furniture has just been cleaned.

We invite you to get in touch for additional information on our upholstery cleaning in Dallas or to make an appointment for service. Our helpful staff will ensure your upholstery cleaning appointment is a breeze from start to finish.

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