Oriental Rug Cleaning

If your home has hardwood floors, tile, or other non-carpeted flooring, there’s a good chance you have some area rugs covering your home. The friendly crew at Pro-Fresh N’ All are your Dallas rug cleaning experts. If it’s been a while since you’ve had the area rugs in your home cleaned with something more than a vacuum, it might be time to consider an area rug cleaning visit from the professionals.

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Dallas from Pro-Fresh N’ All

Hopefully, you vacuum your area rugs regularly to keep the amount of dust and debris build-up at a minimum. Your oriental rug might have cost thousands of dollars, and it’s important to maintain a cleaning schedule that will keep the rug in good condition for your lifetime, as well as when it’s handed down to your children (as area rugs commonly are).

Did You Know? Your oriental or fine rug loves dirt, and it’s going to hold onto as much as it can, particularly if you don’t clean it regularly. In fact, you might not even realize your rug is holding pounds and pounds of dirt (literally, pounds!) until you get it cleaned and notice that it’s a completely different color than you remember.

Why is hiring a professional important? The experienced crew at Pro-Fresh N’ All knows how to handle the delicate and expensive fibers of an oriental rug. It’s not something you can fold up and toss in the washing machine, and a professional cleaning crew knows how to conduct oriental rug cleaning so that the rug isn’t damaged during the cleaning process.

Is oriental or Persian rug cleaning something I can do on my own? Although there are carpet shampoos at the store that advertise that they’re good for any rug and will not harm the fibers, that’s usually just a marketing ploy by manufacturers. Oriental rug cleaning by a professional uses a technique designed to protect the rug from damage.

How Do You Know When Oriental/Persian Rug Cleaning is Needed?

All carpeting and rugs collect dirt whether they’re fancy Persian area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting. Although some carpets and rugs come with “stain resistant” fibers, your area rugs are still just waiting to come into contact with dust, dirt, allergens, and debris. The fibers of rugs are notorious for holding onto dirt, and so the need to call a rug cleaning service may sneak up on you.

Oriental Rug Cleaning & Persian Rug Cleaning in Dallas TX – 469-268-1916

Often, you can see the dirt come off the rug if you lift the corner and shake it a bit. It doesn’t look like there’s any dirt or dust in there, but when you move the rug, you can actually see a small cloud rise from the rug’s surface. You can also rub a hand over the carpet a few times, and your hand will get a little dirty if your rug needs cleaning.

The Bottom Line: Arranging an oriental rug cleaning is a project best done at least once a year.

Here are a few reasons why arranging a professional rug cleaning for your home is a good idea, particularly if you own valuable, heirloom rugs.

  • Professionals protect your investment: A professional won’t harm your carpet with untested cleaners or harsh chemicals that aren’t designed for the fibers of an oriental rug.
  • Specialists clean your rug quickly: Cleaning a rug can become a hassle with the furniture in the way, but a professional crew is used to the work and can handle it quickly.
  • Repair is possible with some professionals: In addition to cleaning the rug gently and effectively, a professional rug cleaning company can repair your rug or put you in contact with an expert who can repair the rug.
  • Your rugs won’t be filled with allergens: If anyone in your home has allergies, you probably know it’s difficult to keep things clean enough, so they don’t sneeze. Professional rug cleaning helps ensure your family is healthy and happy.

If you have an area rug, Persian rug, or oriental rug that hasn’t been professionally cleaned lately, get in touch with the Dallas carpet cleaning experts at Pro-Fresh N’ All. We’ll help you maintain your investment in your rugs and keep them looking beautiful for many years with annual rug cleaning visits.

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