Dryer Vent Cleaning

Like many systems in your home, your dryer can’t work efficiently if it’s dirty and clogged, but many of us don’t realize that dryer vent cleaning is an important appointment to make each year. Pro-Fresh N’ All is your source for Dallas dryer vent cleaning, and you’ll enjoy the courteousness of our staff and the positive impact on your home of having clean dryer vents.

Why Should I Get My Dryer Vents Cleaned?

Just like the air ducts around your home can become clogged with dirt and debris, the dryer vent can also suffer from the same problem because of lint buildup over time. Getting your dryer vents cleaned means your dryer doesn’t have to work as hard to do its job, and your clothes are dried more efficiently.

Did You Know? A clogged dryer vent is a safety risk because it can cause a fire.

The U.S. Fire Administration collects data on the causes of fires around the country, and clothes dryers are a common reason for structure fires in the United States. In fact, clothes dryers cause thousands of structure fires each year, and clogged dryer vents are the primary cause of those fires in about 34% of the fires.

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Cleaning the lint trap is a great way to reduce overall lint, but it’s good practice to get the vents cleaned, too.

How Do I Know if I Need Dryer Vent Cleaning Service?

The easiest way to tell if you need to get your dryer vents cleaned is to think about how long it’s been since you had them cleaned. If the answer is “never,” you’ll probably want to make an appointment!

Here are a few other things you’ll want to think about when timing your dryer vent cleaning appointment:

  • Does the clothing take more than one cycle to dry completely?
  • Do the clothes smell musty after you dry them?
  • Has it been more than a year since you’ve had the vents cleaned?
  • Does the dryer’s room get particularly hot when the dryer is used?
  • Do the dryer sheets smell odd after they’re used in the dryer?
  • Is debris regularly accumulating around the dryer vent?
  • Do you find a ton of lint in the lint trap after just a few loads?

Essentially, if you notice your dryer isn’t working as efficiently as it once did, there’s a good chance you need to book an appointment with our dryer vent cleaning crew.

What is Your Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost?

We charge $79.99 one-way from inside the dryer vent that’s connected to the dryer. We charge $150.00 for cleaning the inside and outside vents, as well as cleaning from the attic or to disconnect the vent run. We can also perform anti-static on your request.

Pro-Fresh N’ All provides a variety of essential cleaning services, and we want to help you keep your home safe with dryer vent cleaning in Dallas. Arrange to have your yearly dryer vent cleaning appointment, and we’ll send our professional and courteous crew to your home. You may want to book an air duct cleaning visit to coincide with your yearly dryer vent cleaning for maximum savings, efficiency, and safety.

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