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Pro-Fresh N’ All Carpet Cleaning offers affordable and essential professional carpet cleaning for clients across the Dallas, TX region. Our carpet cleaning services handle ground-in dirt that’s tracked into the home, as well as stains that can’t be removed, and pet dander that can cause allergies and discomfort.

The carpets of your home are comfortable on which to walk, and they’re also where your children probably play, and your pets lounge about. Over time, your carpet will get dirty, and even the strongest vacuum can’t get those deep-set stains and microscopic pieces of dirt.

What Carpet Cleaning Packages Do You Offer?

We know that every home isn’t identical and that you might not need every single room cleaned. With this in mind, we have a few options that should suit any size residence from a studio apartment to a single-family home with half-a-dozen bedrooms.

Here’s our carpet cleaning cost breakdown:

  • $99.00 for 3 Areas (Includes hallway and closets)
  • $40 for each additional area
  • $40 pet odor elimination 
  • $40 scotchgard protection 

We also require a $69.00 minimum charge for a carpet cleaning service appointment. Before we settle on a quote, we’ll get the information we need about your carpet and the size of the area requiring cleaning. 

Call Pro-Fresh N’ All for Carpet Cleaning in Dallas 469-268-1916

Once we have the information we need on your home and the carpets we’ll need to clean, we’ll set up an appointment for service and get to work. From the corner guards that protect your home’s walls to the pre-vacuuming and movement of furniture, we’ll make sure to treat your home with respect and as we would our own.

Why Should You Get Regular Carpet Cleaning?

Even if you take your shoes off each time you enter your home, and you don’t have any pets, your carpets still hang onto hidden dirt, and the microscopic debris in your carpets will only get worse over time. Just because dirt is hidden, that doesn’t mean the fibers of your carpet are safe.

Did You Know? Carpet damage is cumulative and happens over time. Carpet fibers are actually quite delicate, particularly when they’re under attack from the dual forces of dirt and your feet when you walk on the carpet.

Regular vacuuming helps slow the process of aging, but carpet cleaning is the best way to make sure that all dirt is removed.

Some of the benefits of regular carpet cleaning include:

  • Your carpets will look better longer.
  • Your family and pets will stay safe on clean carpets.
  • Your home will have fewer allergens and will be safe if you have asthma.
  • Your house will look fresh and clean alongside your regular cleaning schedule.
  • You’ll love coming home to a clean home each night.

Carpet cleaning is an affordable way to increase the longevity of your carpet and make sure that dirt buildup over time doesn’t start to create stains, discolorations, and holes that can’t be repaired without ripping the entire carpet up.

Regular carpet cleaning is an investment in the future of your home. Remember that once a carpet is damaged at its core, the damage will only get worse because fibers can’t be repaired. Keep your carpet in good condition now and in the future with regular professional carpet cleaning.

Pro-Fresh N’ All = Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Keeping your home clean is a challenge whether you’re a busy “singleton” living in an apartment, or you’re part of a family with some cute rug-rats running around the house. The carpet cleaning professionals of Pro-Fresh N’ All will help you keep your home dirt-free and your carpets looking terrific. Get in touch with us today to see how our team can help.

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