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Whether you’re hiring professionals for carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning or upholstery cleaning, it is best to find a company with professional cleaners who are properly certified. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is the main agency that supervises companies in the industry, and they commonly give instruction on what techniques and appliances should be used to do the most effective job. Certified professional cleaners are put through rigorous examinations and can be depended on to act honestly and sincerely while managing the cleaning process of your home, using only the best possible practices. 

What Does IICRC Mean For Professional Cleaners? 

The IICRC does not endorse brands, but they do determine what kinds of equipment are the most successful at removing debris and leaving carpets, drapes and fabrics immaculate. Registered professional cleaners of the IICRC who have achieved this type of certification symbolize excellence, boast several years in the industry and have proven their professionalism with distinction, upholding a strict set of standards. This ensures that they are up-to-date on the most effective methods in the industry. Pro-fresh ‘N All is backed by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, as well as being an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau.

Upholstery Cleaning For Your Furniture and Your Home

Many people don’t realize that you can extend the life of household furniture by having professional cleaners perform upholstery cleaning services. Some people aren’t even aware that they can actually steam-clean their upholstery. This process does, in fact, improve the quality and preservation of household items. Although there are some products on the market that advertise themselves as the equivalent of professional cleaning, none of these products are are as effective as professional cleaning services. An expert who is trained to treat household fixtures will be able to remove more grime, debris, unpleasant or offensive odors, and stains or discoloration.

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After days, months or years of wear, items in the home, including furniture, pick up dirt. Dust mites and microbes can and will grow if they are exposed to food or other substances that break down organically. The forceful, high-powered washers that professional carpet cleaners use are better at removing stains and extracting debris found deep inside carpet and fabric fibers than anything that can be rented or bought at the department store.

Professional Cleaners Protect Your Furniture & Carpets

It also takes a trained hand not to use too much water or detergent, as either can cause damage. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when upholstery cleaning for themselves is using too much liquid on the fabric. Professional, certified cleaners are trained and prepared to monitor water usage as the oversaturation of the fabric can be far worse than the dirt or stains.

For items that are porous and capable of absorbing a lot of moisture, this can cause mold growth or odors which will require a professional to remove. If left alone, these unwanted household fixtures can cause health issues for anyone who is particularly sensitive or could have debilitated immune systems. Accordingly, steam cleaning furniture can deliver bona fide health benefits to the home. And, by using a trained professional cleaners, it can be done cost-effectively and quickly.

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