Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Bring You Health, Wealth & Happiness. Seriously.

Hiring a professional for your carpet cleaning is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Besides the general cleanliness of your indoor carpet, you need to have your carpets professionally cleaned to maintain a warranty, avoid indoor allergens, get rid of human and pet hair, and avoid mold growth.

Most of us tend to think that we can vacuum and even steam clean our own carpets within whatever time frame we think is suitable and often without hiring professional help. Usually that time frame gets adjusted depending on how busy our lives are at the moment, how exhausted we are after a day at the office, if and when we can vacuum without waking up our kids and so on.

So, weekly vacuuming becomes monthly vacuuming, quarterly steam-cleaning appointments get pushed back or cancelled entirely, and somehow all of the reasons we have to keep our carpets clean—our families, our pets, our health—become the exact things that stand in our way from actually getting it done. This is a big problem. Here are the top three reasons that we need to have our carpets professionally steam-cleaned (and often the things that prevent us from doing it).

Carpet Cleaners Can Help With Indoor Allergies

“Indoor air quality can be eight to ten times worse than outdoor air quality, if you don’t clean your flooring,” says interior designer Robin Wilson, who specializes in allergy-free housekeeping. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, there are over 60 million Americans who suffer from allergies: “Allergy and asthma control begins at home.

Many people with allergies stay indoors when outdoor air is full of pollen and spores. But dust mites, animal dander and even cockroaches can cause problems indoors. Eight out of 10 people in the United States are exposed to house dust mites, and six out of 10 are exposed to cat or dog dander.” Obviously, indoor carpet and upholstery cleaning is a great solution to this problem, but having allergies, sinus pressure or feeling sick, in general, can sometimes be the very thing that stops us from properly cleaning our living environment. It’s a vicious cycle that involves feeling too sick to take the appropriate steps to feel better.

An easier, simpler way is to prevent the problem before it starts. For many years, it was thought that removing carpet from the homes of those suffering from allergies was the only real solution, but according to Vivienne Mahon, PhD, from Airmid Healthgroup in Dublin, Ireland, there is now “an existing body of evidence that indicates that well-maintained and effectively cleaned carpets can contribute to indoor air quality, making them a potential choice for families affected by asthma and allergies.” So, whether you suffer from allergies, asthma or both, having your carpets, upholstery and air ducts professionally cleaned on a regular basis might be just what the doctor ordered.

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Professional Carpet Cleaners Are There… For Your Hair

If you have children, a spouse, a head, and pets, then you probably suffer from one of the most common problems that plagues American households every day—the hair epidemic. Hair is everywhere and no matter how much we brush, or vacuum, or sweep, it just keeps coming back.

The main issue is that we lose about 100 hairs a day. Multiply that by every hairy creature that resides beneath your roof (human, canine, and feline alike) and you’ll start to see why getting the hair problem under control is nearly impossible. Vacuum cleaners alone do not create sufficient air flow or enough penetrating power to bring up all of the human and pet hair deeply embedded in your carpet. You need to release them with hot steam (which also a great way to help dog and cat allergy symptoms) and trying to steam your carpets yourself is a bad idea.

Steam will effectively lift dust and hair from deep within your carpet, Wilson says — if left there, it will wear down and rip the carpet’s fibers. But only professional carpet cleaning machines can truly zap all the steam’s moisture from the carpet when you’re done cleaning. The results of trying to do it yourself can be sickening. “I’ve been on job sites where you pull up the carpet and see a mold patch,” Wilson says. When you steam clean yourself, “you turn your house into an incubator for mold growth.”


What About The Warranty?

Decorating your house sure was fun, and I’m sure you would like to be able to replace or be reimbursed for your expensive carpeting should your house flood or be vandalized. This just in: “First and foremost, nearly every warranty has a condition requiring that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 18-24 months. So, unless you have a receipt from a certified cleaner, your claim is almost certain to be denied.”

Most likely, there is also some sort of too-good-to-be-true stain warranty that you also paid for. First of all, lifetime guarantees usually exclude stains made from anything that would ever be on your carpet or stain it in the first place—stains caused by everything from beverages to cleaning supplies are ruled out by the majority of warranties, but should you actually have a stain that is made by something covered in your warranty, most carpet makers only want you to hire a professional cleaner to remove it.

If the professionals cannot remove the stain, and it isn’t excluded by the terms above, then and only then will the manufacturer consider your claim. It is critical in this case to keep any receipts from your professional cleaners and submit your claim within 30 days of the cleaning.

So there you have it. From health to wealth to the hair on your head, all signs point to “please indulge yourself in a little professional carpet cleaning.” Your wallet, sinuses, and hairy creatures (both two-legged and four-legged) will thank you.

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